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Lesson fee

No high monthly fee

You can take as many DJ lessons as you need at your convenience

DJ online lesson platform
Lesson fees vary depending on the online teacher. One coin costs about $1.8.
After registering as a student, please purchase coins and take lessons.

Safe and secure

At MeeCoo, our staff constantly check your lessons are sound and your lessons are paid properly.
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How to use?

1. Install online video tools

—What is an online video tool?—
It is a tool such as Zoom and Skype that allows you to share audio and video using the Internet and communicate in real time.
How to use Zoom How to use Skype
DJ  online lesson
DJ  online lesson

2. Free student registration

Register your user name and email address to register as a student. Student registration is required to send a message to the teachers.

Free student registration
DJ online lesson
DJ online lesson

3. Find a teacher & make contact

You can check the exchanged messages at any time on My Page, which is available after registration.

DJ online lesson
DJ online lesson

4. Pay the lesson fee (in coins)

After confirming that you can take DJ lessons on the online video tool, click the "Pay coins" button at the top of the chat screen, select the lesson time, and then pay the coins to the teacher. (Coins can be charged at any time on My Page.)

DJ online lesson
DJ online lesson

5. Start lessons with online video tools!

Once you've confirmed that you can take DJ lessons, launch the online video tool and start the lesson with your teacher!

DJ online lesson
DJ online lesson

Let's start teaching!

You can easily teach your special skills(DJ) to students all over the world with MeeCoo.

More details
DJ online lesson
DJ online lesson


  • How much is the lesson fee?


    It depends on the teacher. One coin costs about $1.8. After registering as a student, please purchase coins and take lessons.

  • What are the payment methods?


    We accpet payment by PayPal at the moment.

  • What is "COIN"?


    "Coin" is coin that can only be used within this site. You can purchase coins on this site and use them to pay the lesson fee to the teacher.
    Coin price varies depending on the number of coins purchased.
    Coin price list is as follow:
     5coins: $10
     10coins: $19
     20coins: $36
     50coins: $86
    [Payment Method: PayPal]
    *The expiration date of the coin is 6 months from the last use date.

  • Is it free to exchange messages with teachers through the system?


    Exchanging message with DJ teacher is free. You can find a teacher that suits you until you are satisfied. You will need coins to spend on video lessons with your teacher.

  • Can I do online lessons with Zoom?


    If the instructor supports it, you can take DJ lessons with tools other than Skype such as Zoom. Please contact the instructor for details.


Why MeeCoo?

DJ online lesson

1. Various lesson genres

We offer a wide range of lessons from English conversation, business skills, fitness to IT skills.

DJ online lesson

2. Easy and quick to get started

MeeCoo does not require any annual membership fee or registration fee. (The lesson fee must be purchased with lesson coins that can only be used on this site.)

DJ online lesson

3. Full support

If you have any questions or concerns when using MeeCoo, MeeCoo staff will be happy to assist you within 24 hours.

DJ online lesson

4. Strict check by MeeCoo staff

MeeCoo staff constantly check if the lessons are being conducted properly and the lesson fees are being paid properly.

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