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Hello, it is my honor to introduce myself to you. My name is Xin and I want to help you improve your Mandarin! I am a native Mandarin speaker from China who can speak English an...

Required Coins 30min:  3



Hello, we are team of professional language coaches of all ages, both male and female. We will help you by practicing naturally. We work as a team with our system. You will acqu...

Sprach der Löwe® Team
Required Coins 30min:  25



Young Frenchman of 28 years old, I have a degree in communication and am currently studying to be a teacher of French as a foreign language. Language learning fascinates me and...

Required Coins 30min:  7




Shinn 00
Required Coins 30min:  5



Hello, I'm teaching stats at university. In the lessens with me, you will learn, - survey research - basic statistics Here, i will be providing the similar contents i...

Required Coins 30min:  2



日本(大阪)在留10年目の韓国(釜山)出身です。 釜山弁を習いたい方や韓国語でフリートークをしたい方 もちろん、韓国語を覚えたい方。 韓国ドラマのセリフやk-pop音楽の歌詞を勉強したい方。 韓国の文化や韓国の料理に興味がある方などなど 韓国語教師の経験はありませんが、楽しくおしゃべりしましょう! 日本語は問題なく話せます。

Required Coins 30min:  3


How to start taking lessons at MeeCoo?

❶ Install Skype

MeeCoo uses Skype to allow you to have lessons with teachers from all over the world, wherever you are.
All you need is an internet connection, PC or smart phone and Skype.


❷ Student Registration (Free&Easy)

Register your user name and Skype name to register as a student.
A student registration will allow you to send messages to the teacher.

❸ Chat with a Teacher

Start chating with your favorite teachers and arrange your lesson.
You can check all the messages at any time in "My Page" after your registration.

❹ Online lessons on Skype

Open Skype and wait for the call from your teacher. Make sure you can see and hear each other properly.
The lesson begins!

❺ Payment

Click the "Pay Coins" button at the top of the chat screen and select the duration of the lesson.
The coins will be transferred to the teacher as soon as the lesson starts.

(Purchase coins at any time in "My Page".)


  • How much does one lesson cost?


    That depends on the teachers. The price for one coin is about 1.8$ and each teacher can decide how many coins per lesson.

  • How do I pay for coins?


    At the moment we accpet payment by PayPal.

  • What are coins?


    Coins are the currency used on MeeCoo. Use them to pay for the lessons.

  • Do I have to pay to chat with a teacher?


    Chatting with our teachers is free. Find the best teacher for you. You only have to pay for the skype lessons!


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MeeCoo wants to connect people from all over the world via our online lessons system.
With MeeCoo anybody can be a teacher or a student!
Our aim is to create a platform that will allow you to learn from each other.
We are constantly trying to improve our service, feel free to contact us for any question or suggestion regarding our website.



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