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Privacy policy

Basic Approach to Personal Information

Medici LLC (hereinafter referred to as "our company") obtains necessary information from users in providing "MeeCoo" (hereinafter referred to as "this site"). We take the utmost care to protect personal information acquired from users (students who register on this site after completing formal procedures and reserve lessons, and teachers who provide lessons to students). Our approach to personal information is as follows. In addition, the terms used in this privacy policy shall have the meanings defined in the terms of use of this service in addition to those defined in this privacy policy.

Acquisition of personal information

1. When registering as a user for this service, we will ask for the user's name, email address, age, etc.

2. If the user wishes to have their ID federated through the service of a third party designated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Specified Third Party"), the Company shall, in lieu of paragraph 1, provide the User with the specified third party's Acquire personal information (However, this is limited to information that the user has consented to for the Company to obtain from a specific third party. Hereinafter referred to as "Registered User Information") including the information listed in the preceding paragraph registered with the party.

3. The Company automatically receives information from the user's browser, such as the user's IP address, cookie information, the pages viewed by the user, and the user's usage environment, and records it on the server.

4. The Company may obtain or receives notices from business partners and other third parties that include the personal information and credit information of users or third parties, and the personal information disclosed for the purpose of investigating violations of the Terms, etc.

Use of personal information

1. We will use personal information in the following cases.
(1)When the user uses this service
(2)When displaying information optimized for each user on this service, such as posting information that the user seems to be interested in
(3)When analyzing the usage status of our services for the purpose of improving our services
(4)When using user statistical information to explain this service to users or third parties
(5)When it is necessary for individual processing or work, such as contacting users or third parties, verifying identity, investigating and responding to violations of the terms, and investigating the content of inquiries
(6)For information on our products, services, etc.
(7)To respond to acts that violate our terms of service
(8)To notify you of changes to the terms of service, etc.
(9)To help improve our services, develop new services, etc.
(10)To create statistical data processed into a form that cannot identify individuals in relation to our services
(11)To send e-mails for the purpose of notifying users of service usage status
(12)For other purposes incidental to the above purpose of use

2. We will not view or use personal information for any purpose other than the above.

Disclosure of personal information

1. If the user himself/herself requests disclosure of personal information, we will disclose it without delay. However, this does not apply if the Company is not obligated to disclose it under the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations.

2. The Company may provide registered user information of students who have reserved lessons so that teachers who are registered to this site can grasp the students participating in the lessons and contact the students. In addition, the user accepts this without objection.

3. For payment of lesson fees, the Company may provide registered user information to GMO Payment Gateway Co., Ltd. and other parties that the Company entrusts with payment agency services that have been made available to registered users in advance. . In addition, registered users accept this without objection.

4. In addition to the cases in the preceding paragraphs, the Company will not disclose personal information to third parties except in the following cases.
(1)When the user himself/herself consents to the disclosure of personal information.
(2)When the Company deems it necessary for the operation of this service, such as displaying access logs. However, in this case, registered user information will not be disclosed.
(3)When using the minimum personal information necessary for the execution of affiliated business with our business partners and advertisers. However, in this case, the company to which the information is disclosed cannot use the personal information disclosed by the Company for any purpose other than the purpose of carrying out the business with which it is affiliated.
(4)When disclosure is requested based on a warrant, limitation of liability for damages of specified telecommunications service providers, and request for disclosure of sender information based on the Act on Disclosure of Sender Information (Provider Liability Limitation Act) We have a legal obligation to disclose personal information, such as when we receive it.
(5)When there is reasonable suspicion that the User has violated the Terms of Use, and it is deemed necessary to protect the Company's rights, property, services, etc.
(6)When there is an imminent danger to the life, body, property, etc. of the user or a third party, and there is an urgent need, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
(7)In cases where it is permitted to provide personal information to a third party under laws and regulations.

Deletion of personal information

1. The Company allows Registered Users to delete their own Registered User Information (hereinafter referred to as "Registered User Personal Information"). However, this does not apply if the Company is not obligated to delete it due to the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and regulations.

2. If the deletion process is carried out, the registered user's personal information will be deleted after being stored for a certain period of time. We will store the registration information of teachers who are registrants of this site as a backup for a certain period of time before deletion processing, but this will be used when responding to lesson fee refunds from students who are registrants on this site, or lessons that have already been carried out. Or the purpose to conduct an investigation in the case of payment to the teacher of the fee, or when fraudulent acts such as withdrawing immediately after posting information that violates the terms and conditions are discovered. Registered user personal information after deletion processing will not be used for this service.

3. In the event that the registered user personal information of a teacher of this site or a student who has completed the reservation procedure for a lesson is deleted pursuant to paragraph 1, the registered user personal information will be retained until the lesson is completed. Information may be used for the Service. (Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph) Registered users shall not raise any objection to this. In addition, for the purpose of preventing confusion in the operation of the service, the Company will retain the user name even after the user registration has been deleted.

Protection and management of personal information

The Company prohibits reference to registered user personal information by anyone other than the person in charge of the Company. In addition, registered user personal information is stored in a safe place and will not be taken out of the area managed by our company.


We use cookies for user authentication. Here's how cookies work:
(1)When a user browses this service, we will send a cookie to the user's browser to identify the user.
(2)If the user allows the reception of cookies in the browser settings, the cookie information will be stored in the computer used by the user.
(3)If the user allows the transmission of cookies in the browser settings, the web server receives cookie information from the user's browser. However, in order to protect privacy, the user's browser only sends cookies sent by the website server itself.
(4)The user can refuse to send and receive cookies by selecting "refuse to send and receive cookies" in the settings related to sending and receiving cookies. In this case, you will not be able to use services that require cookies within this service.

Third party tracking system

This site uses cookies, image files (web beacons), etc. from third parties to obtain statistical site usage information in order to investigate user trends.

Scope of application of this policy

1. If a user voluntarily discloses personal information on this service, that information may be collected or misused by a third party. In this case, we do not take any responsibility.

2. Except as otherwise specified, the Company's other sites or third party sites and services linked from this service have separate and independent regulations regarding the protection of personal information from this privacy policy.We do not assume any obligation or responsibility for these terms and activities on third party sites and services. Before providing personal information, please check the terms and conditions stipulated by each site.

Revision of privacy policy

We may revise all or part of this privacy policy. In this case, the user's personal information will be handled in accordance with the revised privacy policy.

Personal information manager

Our personal information manager is as follows.
Perte Daitabashi, 1-2-4 Izumi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Keita Yamamoto (Representative Employee), Medici LLC

Opinions, Complaints and Objections Regarding Privacy

If you have any opinions, complaints, objections, etc. regarding privacy, please contact us at "". After confirming the content and contacting you by e-mail, we will make effort to take appropriate action.